Our Pharmacy

The Seven Circles pharmacy carries only products that are quality assured and physician approved (in some cases even physician developed). Our products are safe and guaranteed to contain only the ingredients listed on the labels. Below are listed the types of things we carry and who we buy them from.

Chinese Herbal Granulations (KPC and Kamwo Herbal Pharmacy)
Chinese Herbal Tinctures (Kan Herb)
Chinese Herbal Formulas in tablet and capsule form (Classical Pearls, Panaxea, Golden Flower Chinese Herbs and Kan Herb)
North American Herbal Tinctures and Solid Extracts (Heron Botanicals, Naturespirit Herbs, Wise Woman Botanicals)
North American Raw Herbs (Pacific Botanicals and Mountain Rose Botanicals)
Native American Salves and Topicals (The Herb Shed)
Western Herbal Combinations and Topicals (Ecclectic and Heron Botanicals)
Nutritional Supplements (Pharmax, Thorne, Integrative Therapeutic and Progena)
Homeopathics as pellets, ointments, and liquids (Boiron, Seroyal, Homeopathic Laboratories, -Heel, and Progena)

If you are an established patient you can order refills one of three ways:
Phone: (503) 278-3385
Fax: (503) 278-3386
Email: 7circlesportland@gmail.com
Please provide your name, a phone number where we can contact you if we have any questions, what you need refills of, and when you expect to be picking the items up.

Shipping Information

You can also place orders to be shipped to you via the US Postal Service. We send everything Priority Mail. There is a shipping and handling fee, which is determined by weight and distance. Payment for the order and shipping fee must be done with a credit or debit card prior to shipment. If you do not have one on file with us you will need to call in your order with the card you would like to use.

We ship most days the clinic is open. Please allow 4-7 business days for processing and shipping time. If you need something faster please call in your order and request expedited shipping.